Moonlight on water

Neither rhyme nor reason are necessary qualities, but a man who might know better yet appears to be searching for his heart. These pages are littered with leavings, breadcrumbs, and bits of song. More specifically, you might find the words of others in lyrics or poems, links to songs and scans or photos. And you will find that I am enamored with my own words and much more so with my subjects.

Let’s say that this is a site for poetry, but the mystery of life and love is too vast. I will attempt to pay attention to the realization than when I look to the stars, I look toward the beginning of everything. And I believe that I am animated stardust myself.

If you have spent some time here at a particular page, please leave a sign – just a word or your initials will do – in the comments. Otherwise, I will assume that I am posting for only myself. I am curious enough for that, in any case. More conversation on these things would be appreciated.

But I see moonlight on water and it makes me wonder – perhaps about you – perhaps about someone I met long ago. Perhaps it has all been imagination.

Why would I care about moonlight on water?


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